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Massage Therapy


Massages are extremely relaxing and soothing, but they also have incredible health benefits such as muscle stimulation and injury recovery. Here at Trouvaille Med Spa we offer a wide variety of massages, including Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, lymphatic and prenatal. Read on to find out more about these options and to determine whether you should book a full-body massage today.


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What Is a Full Body Massage?

As you might already know, a massage is a treatment that involves manipulating the body’s soft tissues. The aims are to relax the patient and get rid of muscle and joint pain symptoms. There are many types of massage to address specific concerns. Here at Trouvaille Med Spa, you can choose how gentle or firm you would like your treatment to be and whether you would like to address a specific medical condition such as chronic tightness or lymph issues.


This is one of the most common types of massage, and it works great to relax the body and provide blood flow to the tissues. During the session, your therapist will knead, tap, and roll your skin and the underlying muscles to smooth out any knots. Often, massage oil is used to enhance the replenishing effect of the massage.

Usually, this kind of session requires the therapist to work on your whole body. They might start with your back and neck, then move on to your legs, arms, and sometimes even your hands and feet.

Deep Tissue

While the standard massage is quite gentle, this treatment is much firmer, so it’s ideal for people who have been very active in the last weeks and would like to get rid of their muscle tension. The therapist uses slow strokes and firm pressure to improve the blood flow to your tissues and get rid of knots. During this type of massage, both the muscles and the fascia that surrounds them are loosened.

Hot Stone

This is a kind of alternative medicine that makes use of ancient massage techniques and stone healing. Flat, heated stones are placed in strategic spots on your body, where they help improve circulation and reduce tension. The treatment is a great choice for people who have issues with their circulation or those who suffer from chronic pain.

Lymphatic Drainage

Sometimes, medications, illnesses, or treatments can affect the way the lymph vessels and lymph nodes work within the body. This can cause swelling and sometimes even pain. During a drainage massage, your therapist will knead your tissues to help the lymph fluid move to a different area of the body, where there are more vessels to transport it. The aim of this gentle treatment is to reduce the swelling and help you recover faster.


Pregnancy is one of the most taxing phases of a woman’s life, and it’s no wonder that many patients begin to feel stressed, worn out, and even depressed. Additionally, there are physical symptoms such as painful joints and muscle aches. A massage can be a great way to reduce these issues and help women feel better while they are pregnant. Therapists qualified to work on expecting mothers know how to make sure the massage is safe for the baby.

How It Works

When you contact us, we will first assess your individual situation and then suggest the best type of massage for your body. If you have a medical condition, we might recommend a gentler option, but if you’re ready to get rid of all your knots, a firmer treatment could be suitable.

While we aim to provide you with a gentle experience, massage can sometimes be painful, especially if your tissues are very tight. It’s important to know that you always have control. If you feel the therapist is pushing too hard, not enough, or in the wrong place, let them know so they can adjust their technique to your individual needs.

Who Is This Right for?

Most people are great candidates for massage because it’s a highly effective and minimally invasive treatment.

People with an active infection on their skin or a fever also shouldn’t take part in massage because it could make their symptoms worse. You should wait until you’ve recovered completely and visit when you’re feeling better.

You Want a Relaxing and Soothing Treatment

Did you know that almost 80% of the population experiences stress that affects their physical health, and about a third of all citizens suffer from extreme stress? Massage is one of the best ways to relax. Use this time to do something good for your body, decompress, and recharge, and you’ll walk out feeling great!

You Need Muscle Stimulation

The reason why a massage can have a positive impact on your muscles and speed up the healing process is that it increases the blood flow to the treatment area. Therefore, more healing agents like platelets can reach the site, where they release growth factors and stimulate tissue repair. Massages are a good idea whenever you feel tightness in your muscles or you’ve had a mild sports injury.

Improve Your Wellness with a Massage Today

A full body massage is beneficial because it increases the body’s blood flow, provides muscle stimulation, and calms down your nervous system. Massages are a great treat after a busy period since they are so soothing and relaxing. Call us to learn more about the various options and schedule your massage today.