The Best Types of Massage in Bourbonnais, IL

Work, family life, and other responsibilities can leave you stressed and tense. You might often feel like your body carries all of the tension in your life. 

If you want to melt away stress and have a peaceful getaway, come to Trouvaille Med Spa in Bourbonnais, IL. We offer multiple types of massage that can work out the tension in your muscles and restore a sense of relaxation to your life. 

What Is Massage Therapy? 

Most people think of massages as simply relaxation sessions for stressed people. However, massage can also be therapeutic. Massages have many health benefits: They can speed up injury and wound healing, relieve chronic pain, and drain toxins from your tissues. 

These benefits will improve your mental, physical, and spiritual health simultaneously. 

Who Can Benefit?

Almost anyone can reap the benefits of healing massage sessions. We offer specialized massages for injuries, pregnancy, and people with deep muscle tension. 

You probably need a deep tissue massage if you frequently feel “knots” in your muscles. Massage techniques increase blood flow to areas of injury. This is what makes massage therapy so beneficial for athletes, people who do tough physical labor, and those suffering from wounds. 

We tailor your massage experience to meet your body’s needs each time you come to our med spa. 

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a popular type of massage therapy that focuses on your whole body. If you have general muscle tension and carry stress in your body, Swedish massage is for you. Our skilled, soothing massage therapists gently but firmly work the tension out of your tissues to relax and replenish your body. 

During a Swedish massage, our massage therapists use their hands to manipulate your skin and muscles. They may use tapping, rolling, and kneading movements to provide relaxation and rejuvenation. When most people think about massage sessions, they are thinking about Swedish massage techniques. 

Get one of the most common types of massages at our relaxing, peaceful med spa. We are happy to help you figure out the appropriate level of pressure to make you feel most comfortable. Our massage therapists can use oils to improve your sense of relaxation during your appointment. 

Deep Tissue Massage

For those who need firmer, more intense tension relief, deep tissue massage is your best option. During deep tissue massages, our massage therapists use very firm pressure to work out deep muscle tension. This treatment increases blood flow to your muscles and places of injury to promote healing and rejuvenation. 

Many athletes and people who suffer from muscular injuries prefer deep tissue massages. The strong pressure removes stress and tension from your body while healing and rejuvenating your muscles and tissues. Your body will be able to recover faster with these firm healing massage techniques. 

If you prefer stronger massage techniques, deep tissue massage is what you are looking for. Our massage therapists are highly skilled and trained to target sources of tension and stress in your body. Many clients leave our med spa feeling like a brand-new person after a deep tissue massage session.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massages have been used since ancient times to heal the body and promote relaxation. This treatment improves circulation and relieves pain to provide relief for those suffering from chronic illnesses. If you enjoy heat treatments and want pain relief, hot stone massages are perfect for you.

During a hot stone massage, we roll heated stones over your body while massaging various areas. The heat from the stones provides a deep sense of wellness and gets your blood flowing in healthy patterns. You will notice reduced tension in your entire body after your hot stone massage. 

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Your body’s lymphatic fluid builds up in your tissues. This buildup is most commonly seen in your face and neck, but it happens all over your body. Lymphatic fluid contains toxins and waste materials that your cells discard. During a lymphatic drainage massage, we use skilled techniques to drain this fluid from your cells and tissues. 

This is a gentle massage treatment that will help reduce inflammation, bloating, and pain. We transfer the lymphatic fluid from areas of heavy accumulation to areas where your body can process it and remove it. This results in fewer toxins floating around your system. 

To reduce swelling and discomfort, get a lymphatic drainage massage with one of our expert massage therapists. 

Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy is hard on your body in many ways. You may experience back pain, muscle aches, nausea, fatigue, and limited mobility. 

Prenatal massages restore your physical functioning while providing much-needed rest and relaxation. You and your baby will both benefit from the gentle but effective massage techniques we use in prenatal massage sessions. 

Our massage therapists are trained on safe practices that keep your baby out of harm’s way. We help reduce joint and muscle aches while you rest and recover from the toll that pregnancy takes on your body. Treat yourself to a prenatal massage at Trouvaille Med Spa in Bourbonnais, IL, today. 

Trouvaille Med Spa Soothing Massages

Take a break from life’s stresses at Trouvaille Med Spa in Bourbonnais, IL. We offer multiple types of relaxing massages to help you escape daily life’s demands. Each session is customized for your unique mind, body, and spirit. Our massage therapists have years of experience working with patients to provide total body rejuvenation. 

You deserve to feel like your best self, no matter what hardships life throws your way. Book an appointment for a soothing massage at Trouvaille Med Spa today!

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